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Top Horticultural attraction near home! "Longwood Gardens" P.A. is a year round paradise.

By Jim Sutton, on January 21, 2019

As Longwood’s Associate Director of Display Design, it’s my responsibility and my absolute joy to make sure that every view of our Orchid Extravaganza display is uplifting, inspiring, and beautiful. Whether you’re peering into the tiniest detail of a golden intergeneric Oncidium orchid in our Cascade Garden or looking up at the grandeur of the regal purple Phalaenopsis orbs that float overhead in our Exhibition Hall, every viewpoint of Orchid Extravaganza is one to enjoy—including the very first one when you step into the Conservatory.

This year, we have outfitted the East Conservatory’s Oval Basin with a new wow factor. Large baskets and urns filled with decadent brown Cymbidium Edith McDade orchids linger above a sea of 300 white, burgundy, and near-black Paphiopedilum. Cascading chains of Tillandsia spill from the basins, evoking a feeling of water tumbling from the urns into the sea of orchids below.



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