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This is going viral! Watch it now. Living Plants....

NO power cords required!

The next big thing in technology is a really old thing: The Living Plant! Graphic: Courtesy GPGB

I never get tired of talking to people about the many benefits of plants and nature in the places we live, work, and play. But I admit it’s sometimes a challenge to figure out new ways to help people get the message!

The nonprofit organization Green Plants for Green Buildings has been thinking about this, too. My fellow board members and I put our heads together and we have something new to show you that I’m excited about.

Have you ever seen one of those technology product launch videos? Or maybe the demonstrations by Steve Jobs of new products for Apple? Some are pretty impressive, but they are nothing compared to our new video for a product “so far ahead of its time, and yet so familiar, intuitive and appealing – it’s a wonder we didn’t see it the whole time.”

Our new product: Plants!

“Rediscover The Future With The Living Plant™” uses humor to play off the on the tech product unveiling. The presenter dazzles the amazed audience with a plant for some laughs to make a point about the proven benefits of introducing nature via real plants into the workplace.

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