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Blog question from a client in NYC

Corn plant in flower

Dear NYGardener/blog

What is the white stem at top of this green plant?

Background on Dracaena Fragrans

Most of the time you find Dracaena fragrans or dracaena deremensis flowering it will be on very mature plants.

The flower stalks emerge out of the center of the leaf whorl and will grow to sometimes 2 to3 feet in length arching to the ground.

In the evening the plant gives off a sweet fragrance that is noticeable for hundreds of feet. The fragrance is very strong as some of you have experienced. One person even said that they had to open the office doors to air out the place!!! Some folks say it has the fragrance of a gardenia flower. I think it smells wonderful but some folks think it is over whelming so as interior plantscapers, we normally remove the flower stalk before it opens. If it is allowed to open for it's lovely fragrance, it's best to cut the stem off before it starts dropping the pedals which can be quite sticky with sap.


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